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Good Shepard Trading Ltd

Our gas production is primarily used in electricity generation, displacing coal and reducing carbon emissions in the energy mix. In all scenarios aiming for net-zero carbon emissions, oil and gas will continue to play significant roles in global energy supplies for the foreseeable future. Our commitment lies in operating our facilities as cleanly and efficiently as possible, contributing to efforts to mitigate environmental impact while meeting the world's energy demands.

At Good Shepard Trading Ltd, we take pride in our team of seasoned professionals based worldwide. With a diverse blend of expertise and a passion for excellence, our team is dedicated to driving success and fostering growth in every endeavor. Our team at Good Shepard Trading Ltd is not only experienced but also driven by a shared commitment to excellence. Each member brings their unique talents and expertise to the table, collaborating seamlessly to deliver outstanding results for our clients and stakeholders.
Years of Working Experience
/ Principles of Conduct

Ethical Business Practices

Safety and Environmental Responsibility

We prioritise safety and environmental responsibility, conducting operations to the highest industry standards.


We prioritize environmentally friendly practices, invest in cutting-edge technology, and implement stringent safety measures to minimize our ecological footprint.

Integrity, Transparency, and Ethical Conduct

We operate with honesty and integrity, building trust with our partners, investors, and local communities.

Health and Safety

We are dedicated to providing a safe working environment for all individuals involved in our operations, ensuring that rigorous safety protocols are upheld at all times.

Anti-Bribery and Corruption

We comply with the UK Bribery Act 2010 and equivalent legislation in other jurisdictions, ensuring transparency in our business dealings.

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/ Why do we focus on oil & petroleum industry

The Vital Engine
of Modern Life

Oil plays a pivotal role as the lifeblood of industrialized nations, serving as the cornerstone of modern society's energy needs since the mid-1950s. Its versatile products are integral to the powering industry, heating homes, fueling vehicles and aircraft, and facilitating the transportation of goods and people worldwide.

Remarkably, oil fulfils the majority of transport sector demand, showcasing its indispensable role in daily life. Moreover, oil's significance extends beyond transportation, as it serves as a crucial component in the production of numerous everyday essentials. Refined oil products form the backbone of various chemical products, including plastics, fertilizers, detergents, paints, medications, and an array of unexpected items, demonstrating its widespread impact on society.
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We handle everything for you, seamlessly transporting your freight from door to door without any worries on your end. Trust us to take care of it all.



Peace of mind is essential in every business endeavour. That's why we offer the best guarantee and support in the market. We prioritize safety and shipping times and ensure the quality of oil derivatives delivered, especially in the case of hydrocarbons.


Global Oil Distribution

Maritime transport is today's primary choice for international oil trade. We are dedicated to providing top-notch service, offering the necessary follow-up to ensure security and support throughout our services.


Domestic Petroleum Distribution

Our commitment lies in distributing and transporting petroleum derivatives across various industrial sectors at wholesale, all while guaranteeing the quality of our products through a specialized fuel control system.
/ How Are We Different

At Our Company Integrity Is Paramount

We are dedicated to upholding the highest ethical standards and ensuring compliance with regulations to prevent and combat corruption. Our unwavering commitment extends beyond our workforce to encompass our commercial partners.

Driven by our Code of Ethics and Conduct, we adhere to a strict set of principles that guide our actions and decisions. This commitment underscores our determination to foster a culture of transparency, integrity, and accountability throughout our operations.

By holding ourselves and our partners to these rigorous standards, we reaffirm our pledge to conduct business with honesty, fairness, and respect for all stakeholders. Together, we strive to build trust, cultivate sustainable relationships, and uphold the values that define us.
/ Our Petroleum Products

Discover Our Range of High-Quality
Fuels and Lubricants


Diesel fuel is a type of liquid fuel commonly used in diesel engines. It is derived from crude oil through a refining process and is distinct from gasoline in its chemical composition and properties. Diesel fuel, distinguished by its denser and oilier nature relative to gasoline, serves as the primary fuel for diesel engines prevalent in trucks, buses, trains, and certain automobiles. Notably, diesel fuel boasts a high energy density, making it an optimal choice for applications requiring robust torque and superior fuel efficiency. Additionally, its versatility extends to various industrial and commercial sectors, including construction equipment and marine vessels, where reliability and power are paramount.


Ethanol, a renewable biofuel, derived from renewable sources like corn, sugarcane, or cellulosic biomass, our ethanol undergoes meticulous fermentation and distillation processes to ensure purity and performance. Ethanol offers a cleaner, greener alternative to traditional fossil fuels, boasting lower emissions and reducing reliance on non-renewable resources. Perfect for transportation, industry, and fuel blending, ethanol excels as a renewable energy solution for a variety of applications. Our commitment to quality is unmatched. We source our ethanol from trusted suppliers dedicated to sustainability and ethical practices, guaranteeing that our products meet stringent industry standards. With rigorous testing and quality control measures in place, you can trust our ethanol to deliver consistent performance and reliability every time.


Gasoline, also known as petrol, is a fuel used in internal combustion engines, primarily in vehicles. It is a refined product derived from crude oil designed to power gasoline engines. Gasoline comes in various octane ratings, with higher octane numbers indicating higher resistance to engine knocking and better performance in high-compression engines. Gasoline formulations are often enriched with additives to improve engine cleanliness and fuel efficiency and reduce emissions, ensuring optimal engine operation and environmental impact. With various octane ratings available, including Gas Oil A, Gas Oil B, and Gas Oil C, our gasoline ensures superior engine performance and fuel efficiency.


Jet fuel represents a meticulously engineered solution tailored specifically for the demanding requirements of gas turbine engines in aviation. Crafted to deliver peak performance at high altitudes and under extreme conditions, this high-purity kerosene-based fuel undergoes rigorous refinement processes. Its formulation prioritizes efficiency, reliability, and safety, ensuring smooth operation throughout the entire flight envelope. With Jet A and Jet A-1 standing as the primary variants, jet fuel continues to serve as the lifeblood of modern air travel, enabling safe and efficient journeys across the globe. In addition to its primary role in powering aircraft, jet fuel also plays a crucial role in shaping the efficiency and sustainability of modern air travel.


Lubricants, vital in reducing friction and wear between moving parts, play a pivotal role in maintaining machinery efficiency and longevity across industries. As petroleum-based products, they encompass motor oils, transmission fluids, greases, and hydraulic fluids, each tailored to specific applications. In our commitment to quality, we oversee a rigorous refining process for these lubricants to meet stringent industry standards. Our focus on sourcing from reputable suppliers ensures that our petroleum products consistently deliver optimal performance and reliability for our clients' needs.

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/ Logistics and Handling

Quality Drives Every Mile

Good Shepard Trading Ltd boasts the expertise and resources required to manage logistics for delivering all types of petroleum products worldwide. Our management team members have extensive experience and established business relationships, enabling seamless coordination and handling of vessels, rail cars, and tanker trucks to successfully meet our clients’ diverse needs.

We are committed to distributing and transporting Petroleum Derivatives to various industrial sectors at the wholesale level, ensuring the highest quality standards through our specialized fuel control system. Our dedication goes beyond simply delivering the cargo intact and on time worldwide. Good Shepherd Trading Ltd also prioritize maintaining the quality of the transported products.

With our specialized fuel control system in place, we guarantee that our customers receive petroleum derivatives of the utmost quality, free from any compromise or degradation during transportation. This ensures that our clients can rely on us for timely and cost-effective delivery and the consistent excellence of the products they receive.

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Engine Oils Tailored to Your Industry Machinery - Regardless of the equipment you use in the industry, Good Shepard Trading Ltd offers an engine oil solution perfectly suited to your needs. Our comprehensive range of high-performance oils covers all machinery including automobiles, construction equipment, agricultural equipment, marine engines, and industrial machinery.